Here’s How Your Brand Can Benefit From Audio Marketing

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It’s 2022, and podcasts are all the rage from I Said What I Said to TeawithTay. Even Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has joined the wave with her recently debuted podcast, Archetypes. But this was not always the case. Before the rise of podcasts, radio stations were the go-to for audio marketing (remember those fun radio ads we listened to as kids?), but things have changed over the years. With the growing demands of this busy, productivity-driven world, more people are turning to audio content to escape “screen fatigue” and blow off some steam as they carry on with their daily routines. As such, the demand for audio content has become undeniable, making it a necessity in today’s marketing toolbox.

What is Audio Marketing?

It refers to marketing involving audio as opposed to visual or written content. Unlike the latter, which require your undivided attention, audio conveniently lets you enjoy your content during your commute, daily activities, and leisure time. It’s the perfect form of content to enjoy while cooking, playing with kids, or unwinding after a long day of constant scrolling, making audio a great option for consumers. This convenience and accessibility make audio marketing great for leveraging your digital user engagement and attracting new leads.

How Your Brand Benefits From Audio Marketing

High Conversion Rates

Since the audio ads are specifically curated and targeted, a high percentage of the audience will likely buy into what you are selling since they already trust the platform. Simply put, listening often leads to buying. According to a Midroll Media survey, 60% of listeners bought something after hearing it advertised on a podcast. The survey also found that podcast ads get 4.4 times better brand recall than ads on other digital platforms. A 2019 Facebook IQ study concluded that 80% of stories with voice-over or music led to better lower funnel results than ads without sound.

Guaranteed Attention

Audacy notes in Edison Research’s First Quarter 2022 “Share of Ear” report that 61% of audio audiences listen through ads, leaving 12% feeling connected to the brand. In contrast, TiVo’s research found that 55% of TV viewers use their phones while watching, making it difficult for advertisers to break through. Since audio content is often consumed simultaneously with other things, the audience would rather listen to the ads than pause their routine to skip it. This is a win for your brand.

Helps You Connect with the Audience

With audio, ads speak directly to the audience without interruptions or screen distractions, making the listeners feel connected to the brand. In the case of podcasts heard daily or weekly, the bond between the brand and customers increases. The same goes for radio, which promotes interaction with the audience.

Audio marketing gives you the edge to keep consumers engaged with your brand and cause them to buy what you sell. Ready to explore the benefits of audio marketing?