The Rise of Podcasts: How Your Business Can Tap into Them

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ISWIS, #WithChude, TeawithTay, Rants of a Nigerian Youth…if these names look familiar to you, then the chances that you listen to Nigerian podcasts are more than minimal. Over the past years, podcasts have risen to become an influential medium for connecting with all kinds of audiences and growing exponentially. These radio-like, digital audio shows have become popular in recent years, catapulting ordinary people and local brands into world stars and celebrities. Today, companies, institutions, governments, comedians, storytellers, publishing houses, radio networks, and tv networks all use podcasts to connect with new audiences and share their opinions on social issues and a wide range of topics. 


“ Did you know that the word ‘podcast’ was coined from two words – “iPod” and broadcast?” 


What’s A Podcast? 

A podcast is any broadcast that is accessible over the internet for people to listen to. It was first introduced in the early 2000s as an extension of the internet’s blogging platform. 


Where Did Podcasts Come From?

The history of podcasting is wrangled with different accounts of the founding pioneers. Some accounts attribute the concept of podcasting to Ben Hammersley, a journalist and columnist. He wrote an article in 2004 about the potential boom for amateur radio through the combination of blogging, cheap production software and MP3 players – all the components that make up an easy setup for a podcast. Other accounts state that Adam Curry and David Winer were the first podcasters. Despite its highly debated history, podcasting has risen from obscurity into a popular tool used by individuals and companies to communicate with their audiences. 

Podcasts aren’t just another medium to share your content like social media posts; they provide an opportunity for individuals and brands to establish their authority in their industry. There are at least 2,869,866 podcasts* in the world today where a wide range of topics – fashion, technology, politics, entertainment, film, education – are discussed.  

As a business, it’s never been more crucial in today’s world to leverage the many benefits of podcasting in order to increase your brand’s awareness, attract customers and build brand loyalty. Some of the benefits of podcasting include:

Providing on-demand content for your audience 

Building and establishing brand authority 

Discovering new audiences 


How to utilize Podcasts for your Business Growth

Nowadays, there are several options to choose from when deciding where to promote or market your business. Content can easily be created and condensed into different formats, including video, audio and text. Since podcasts are broadcasted via audio formats, it is important to understand how to leverage these formats for business growth. 

If you’re thinking about growing your business in 2022, it is important to include podcasting in your digital marketing strategy. Here are some helpful tips to help your brand tap into the podcasting phenomenon.


Research Your Customers: A great tip for curating content for your audience is to understand their needs, wants, and motivations. If you run a fitness company, your customers are likely interested in topics that address exercise routines, gym membership options, sportswear and athleisure. Focus on what your customers need.


Establish Your Niche: If you’re just starting your brand, create a general list of topics related to your services or products. Narrow down your options into specific niches based on your research about your customers. If you’re unsure about what to talk about, check out your competition. Research the topics they address on their platforms and curate content unique to you and your business. 


Create Your Unique Podcast Style: Your podcast format will solely depend on your business needs. You can adopt an interview-style, monologue, or panel-style podcast. It’s simply a matter of strategy and choice. 


Educate, Delight or Entertain: Don’t sell your products to your audience on your podcast. Show them why your product or service could be useful to them. Invite thought leaders, experts and satisfied customers to speak about the benefits or usefulness of your product. In doing so, you’ll create a community of loyal customers who can advocate for your product or service because they’re properly informed about the many benefits. Find delightful ways to keep your audience engaged with your podcast. 


Cross-Platform Marketing: After publishing your podcast on your preferred platform, it is important to share snippets of your podcasts to other social media platforms to increase awareness about your podcast. This also promotes your brand and business while driving traffic from different sources to your podcast. 


In summary, Podcasts provide a unique opportunity for your brand to stand out. You can easily set yourself apart from your competitors in today’s rigorously competitive market by creating engaging conversations that your customers will love to listen to.