Day One of Threads: What We Think about the New Twitter-Rival App

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Threads may seem like an overnight success, but it’s far from that. It feels like Meta found the right product fit (for this app) through their habit of acquiring apps and adding features. However, in this instance, they went back to the basics: simple, clean, and straightforward.


They realized that people just want to interact, and the easier it is to do that, the more they’ll want to use the app.


Threads is not just another social networking platform. It’s one that doesn’t require too much thought before posting, even if you’re a brand. Yes, we said so. And yes, we know some Nigerian brands have left the chat. 


It’s a conversation-focused platform where users can express their thoughts freely. Is it similar to Twitter? Yes. A lot similar but with peculiar differences. Here, there are no hashtags or trending topics to jump on. The only way of being discovered is by the kinds of conversations we’re starting and what we have to offer.


It takes the meaning of “What do you bring to the table?” to a whole new level.


But it could also mean that we’ll be seeing more humanized brands!

First Thoughts on Threads

After spending the day on Threads, we can point out one thing that stood out. The convenience. The app connects directly with Instagram, so all you need is your username to get started. The transition between apps is smooth and straightforward. You’re bringing in your bio and even your following to the new app, so it feels familiar from the start.


Now, to the main point: the content. Content on the app is seen in real-time, which feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s like Zuck finally heard our cry for the return of the chronological order of timelines. What this means for brands is that with active posting, the follower count could grow significantly.


As similar as it is to Twitter, it also has some Instagram features like the 10-image carousel and long videos of up to 5 minutes. You can also share content from Threads to Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram, both in feed and stories. There’s also the “Take a Break” feature that reminds you to close the app for some time when you’ve been on it for too long. Surprisingly, Threads didn’t come with a Direct Message feature, so no sliding into DMs on Threads. You can have all the conversations on the timeline. And if you need to continue a chat with someone privately, you have the option to return to Instagram by clicking the IG icon on the person’s profile. 

Currently, there are no ads (even though we’re almost certain they may come sooner). This development is one that brands may not really love. But Meta may still be focused on gathering users on Threads, so when the ads feature launches, it’ll take off successfully. As of the time of writing this, the app already had 30 million users!


There’s also a lot of information gathering going on, and they may cause concerns. From browsing history to health and fitness details, to contact info and other financial and sensitive info. And although data collection is peculiar to all apps, it seems more severe on Threads.


How can brands grow on Threads?

Growth depends on engagement. The key is starting conversations that make others want to join. Unlike other text-based platforms where stiff or AI-generated content might be enough, Threads demands a personal touch in posts. Brands should be much more flexible on Threads. You’ll build a community faster here if you have more real conversations.


This means content strategies need reconsideration – the practice of recycling one piece across all platforms won’t cut it here. Creativity, originality, and quality will win.


Threads could also be ideal for the pre-launch or teaser phase of marketing campaigns. A good discussion could push your brand or offering to the feeds of your audience and get more people talking about it, creating more interesting threads, and a crowd eager for your product or service.


Usually, when launching something new, many brands rely on paid influencers. Now, you can do it yourself! Of course, we’re not doing away with influencers, but you can also build momentum through your own efforts if you use Threads right.


Closing Thoughts

Meta might add features in the future that could clutter the feed, but for now, we like the simplicity. From the onboarding process, to the seamless UI/UX, and the refreshing and positive posts from users.


But just like Instagram evolved into a marketplace from a photo-sharing app, who knows what the next development for Threads will be? Still, it’s up to brands to determine how they want to use the new app and how it can bring value.


Right now, all we can say is that we’re loving how the app looks and how the algorithm works. Brands who jump on it quickly will have a chance to grow fast before it gets saturated.


As for its similarity to Twitter, we totally understand why Elon Musk wants to sue Meta. After he let Twitter staff go, they join a rival brand, and suddenly the Threads app appears. Hmm… We’re not claiming these events are linked, but a witch cried in the night and a child dies in the morning. Who do we blame here?