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Trendspotting: What Every Brand Should Know

The popular reality show, Big Brother Nigeria came to an end yesterday (April 9th) and as always, social media was blazing with conversation trends on the event.  Nigerians took to their Twitter pages to share opinions, expectations, fears and unavoidably insults (as trolls), inciting uproar and fun LOL...


5 Big Lessons For Brands From the Pepsi-Kendall Jenner Ad

So once again, the world has seen how a single tweet can start mayhem… against the trivialising of existing mayhem. Read on for some lessons Nigerian brands should take home from Pepsi’s ad flop.   #1. Twitter backlash is real… and deadly When we wrote this, PEPSI was still sitting...

Public Service Communication - ORM best practices for managers and agencies

Public Service Communication Series PART I: Social media for public service communication

“Be warned. Am I your father’s mate?” When General Chris Olukolade, the former spokesperson of the Nigerian military, joined Twitter, the general consensus was that it was a great development. At the time, the country was going through the worst internal armed conflict since the civil...