Apple’s New Airpods Pro Promises to Quiet the Noise when Life gets a little too Loud

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A picture of the AirPods Pro sticking out of the case

If you live in the city where it feels like everything outside the four walls of your home is conspiring to take your hearing and sanity away, Apple may just have the remedy for you. Their latest ad for the new AirPods Pro shows us that we can quiet the world around us whenever we need to. 


Apple could have told us how the new AirPods Pro has different features and recited a whole list, and we’d still buy it. I mean, it’s Apple. But where’s the fun in that? Trust them to shout it out loud in the “Quiet the Noise” ad.  


Apple’s AirPods Pro Quiet the Noise AD


The ad tells the story of a young woman going about her day in the busy city. We see the typical rush hour scene with drivers impatiently honking, people rushing off to start or end their day, garbage trucks clogging up the road, construction workers adding to the noise, and even a parade going on, all at the same time! But this isn’t just another ordinary day for her because, today, she’s armed with the AirPods Pro, which transforms this noisy day into a calm and serene walk. Just by tapping the AirPods and cancelling the world and the noise, the world fades, she becomes lighter, free from the burden of external distractions. 


One of our favourite moments is when our protagonist stops to buy a smoothie from a roadside shop and briefly turns off her AirPods Pro. She’s reminded of the world around her. But as she looks around, we can see a calmness emanating from her because she knows that with just a tap, she can silence the chaos and reclaim her peace. This scene serves as a reminder that while we seek escapism from the often chaotic world, there are also moments of beauty and connection that we shouldn’t miss.


Apple has mastered the art of storytelling and how to assemble each piece of a story to create a visual experience. Even down to the choice of music. Apple knows how to select the perfect songs to accompany their ads, and this time is no exception. The ad features the song “Where is my mind” by Tkay Maidza, which is what the protagonist is listening to as she walks across the street. It blends effortlessly with the tone and helps us further understand how our heroine feels.


“Quiet the Noise” is a simple ad that speaks volumes. It’s straight to the point, visually appealing, and clearly communicates Apple’s AirPods Pro’s messaging in a compelling way, and it gets a 10 out of 10 from us! 


Does this ad make you want to buy the new Apple AirPods pro?