What makes a good film storyline

What Makes a Good Film Storyline

Denis Waitley once said that “Time is the most precious element of human existence,” yet people make time out of their busy schedules to sit on a spot to watch a film, series or play. Knowing this, as a scriptwriter, you have a duty to...

Why Sound Production Matters in Filmmaking

Why Sound Production Matters in Filmmaking

Imagine yourself seated comfortably in the movie theatre chomping on your popcorn as you anxiously wait for the movie to begin. You look around you and the excitement in the air is almost palpable. Finally, the movie begins, but it has a poor sound quality....

Movie Review - The Prophetess

Let’s Talk Elements: The Prophetess

In a country where over 60 million of its population are involved in sports betting, it is fascinating to see a movie that explores what goes on behind the scene in the lives of those who bet and those who run the betting companies. Interwoven...

UI/UX Design: Meaning, Differences and Importance

UI/UX Design: Meaning, Differences and Importance

In recent years, the demand for technological products such as apps and websites has skyrocketed. We have apps for almost everything: food, shopping, finance, healthcare, games, music, education, and more. Businesses have scaled processes and enabled experiences to operate digitally within the comfort of their...

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