Let’s Talk Elements: Àyìnlá

Sometimes, real life is more entertaining and inspiring than fiction –  a fact echoed by Àyìnlá. The movie is a biopic of a famed musician and one of the pioneers of Apala music,  Ayinla Omowura, alias, Egunmogaji. With every scene came an astounding revelation of...

The Art of Acting: Tools And Requirements

The Art of Acting: Tools And Requirements

Many scholars have given different definitions of acting. The meeting point of all definitions is in acting being the ability to tell a story through enactment; using movements and gestures to portray a character or tell a story. Acting is considered to have been in...

What makes a good film storyline

What Makes a Good Film Storyline

Denis Waitley once said that “Time is the most precious element of human existence,” yet people make time out of their busy schedules to sit on a spot to watch a film, series or play. Knowing this, as a scriptwriter, you have a duty to...

Why Sound Production Matters in Filmmaking

Why Sound Production Matters in Filmmaking

Imagine yourself seated comfortably in the movie theatre chomping on your popcorn as you anxiously wait for the movie to begin. You look around you and the excitement in the air is almost palpable. Finally, the movie begins, but it has a poor sound quality....

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