Stress Management Techniques for Office Professionals: Nigerian Edition

CATEGORY: Professional Growth

Ah, the Nigerian 9 to 5 life. Just imagine battling the typical Lagos traffic, especially in the rainy season, dodging Danfos and Keke Napep like a pro, just to get to work. By the time you arrive, your stress levels are already higher than the cost of garri at the market. And now, you have to battle the office, a whole new arena of stress-inducing scenarios: from endless emails, impossible deadlines, and that one colleague who always manages to get on your nerves. 

Fear not, my dear professional, for I bring you stress management techniques that will help you get through your day like a true Nigerian.

  1. The Power of “I No Dey Hear Word”

Sometimes, the best way to manage stress is to simply not let things get to you. Remember, you are not a dumping ground for everyone’s problems. When your boss sends you that third email marked “urgent” in all caps, take a deep breath and say, “I no dey hear word.” Of course, don’t ignore your responsibilities, but don’t let the urgency of others dictate your peace of mind. Prioritise managing your time effectively and tackle tasks one at a time.

  1. Turn Your Workspace Into a Chill-out Zone

Imagine this: while others are stressing over the office Internet that refuses to cooperate, you’re serenely sipping your green tea, with your headphones or AirPods plugged in while listening to your favourite playlist and sipping your iced coffee. Who told you that you can’t live a soft life even at the office

  1. Laugh It Off – Literally

Laughter is the best medicine, they say, and in Nigeria, we know how to find humour in just about anything. When the office stress becomes too much, take a moment to share a joke or funny story with a colleague. It’s amazing how much lighter things can feel after a good laugh.

  1. The Art of “Sakará”

“Sakará” is the Yoruba term for showing off, but in this context, it means faking it till you make it. Sometimes, pretending to be in control can actually make you feel more in control. When the workload is overwhelming, put on your best “I’ve got this” face and tackle each task with confidence. You’d be surprised at how this simple shift in attitude can reduce stress.

  1. Snack Smart, Work Smart

Who says stress-eating has to be unhealthy? Stock your drawer with nuts, fruits, and other healthy snacks. These will keep your energy levels up without the crash that comes from sugary treats. Next time you feel stressed, reach for an apple instead of a doughnut. Your body and mind will thank you.

  1. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Yes, you’re a superhero, but it’s okay to ask for help. Delegate tasks where possible and don’t hesitate to seek assistance from colleagues. In many Nigerian offices, teamwork makes the dream work. Sharing the load can significantly reduce your stress levels and foster a collaborative environment.

And that’s 6 ways you can effectively manage stress at the office. So, next time the office stress threatens to overwhelm you, remember: you’ve got this, just like you’ve handled countless other challenges in true Naija style.