7 damn-good life quotes from Life’s A Pitch by Bayley & Mavity.

CATEGORY: Professional Growth

Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity’s book Life’s a Pitch: How to Sell Yourself and Your Brilliant Ideas is one of those books you read and it just opens your eyes to a world of secrets in Marketing and your everyday life. We read Life’s a Pitch so you wouldn’t have to. We’ve also pulled out some amazing life quotes from the book that give clues on how to sell ourselves in business and personal interactions better. So, take out your notepads and catch these 7 life-changing quotes from Life’s a Pitch and why they make so much sense.

“How you handle the moments of change is vital”

Whether it is interviewing for a new job, scoring a date with your crush or pitching to a client for a gig, how you handle these moments of pivotal change is extremely important and the success or failure of these moments dictates what happens next for you.

“If they don’t have confidence in you, they certainly won’t have confidence in your idea”

This is true in so many ways. According to Life’s a Pitch, making a successful pitch relies heavily on your level of confidence, not just in your idea but in yourself. Self-confidence is a crucial ingredient in selling yourself.

“Unusual thinking doesn’t happen when you’re in an utterly usual space. You must find a new space to think in”

You’ve heard about thinking outside the box, how about working outside it? Yes, it is highly recommended to get out of your box and live life outside your limits. Doing something unusual can help you think new thoughts and see things differently. 

“You have to remove the distractions inside your head as well as the distractions around you”

Getting rid of distractions is an invaluable tip for getting ahead in life. When you knock away the fluff and clean out the distractions, you get a clean slate to work on achieving your goals.

“Fail with the foundations and you fail with everything”

The foundation of anything is the most important aspect of it. This book reminds us that if one misses it with the foundation, then everything will fall apart. So be sure to put in the effort to build a strong and working foundation.

“If there’s something you want them to know about you, don’t tell them but let them find out”

 Have you discovered that there’s a certain appeal to mystery? That’s because people prefer to discover rather than be shown. If you want people to keep being interested in you and your pitch, leave them with clues to follow. Lead them to discover instead of offering them all the information on a silver platter.

“All [of these] extraordinary people had the courage to be different”

Go ahead, think of every extraordinary person that lived, ever. You’d see that what sets them apart is how they dared to be different. They don’t try to imitate others, they love and appreciate themselves and shine regardless of what the world thinks about them.

By now you should already be ordering your copy of the book as there are certainly more insights you can gain from this amazing book. Still, these 7 should help get the ball rolling in enhancing your ability to influence and succeed in various aspects of life.