Nigerian Actress, Kehinde Bankole, Shines in Sista on Amazon Prime

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Movie poster of the movie Sista

The ability to take an everyday story and make it into something compelling is what we call genius. Since its release on Amazon Prime, “Sista” has generated significant buzz and positive feedback on social media platforms. 

Sista is about a struggling single mother who faces her worst nightmare when the father of her children comes into their lives and completely steals their attention all for himself. This movie appealed to our emotions and still touches the reality of some Nigerians, it is real and practical. 

Let’s talk about the casting for Sista, no one could play the role of Vicky better than Kehinde Bankole. One person who blows our minds with casting is Shonda Rhimes. Can we say Biodun Stephen is Nollywood’s Shonda? At one point we forgot it was Kehinde Bankole on our screen, all we could see was ‘Sista”. 

If Tiwa, who was played by Bisola Aiyeola, wasn’t such a great person and  showed selflessness, we don’t think Fola would have had it so easy, he was just lucky to be surrounded by good women. We celebrate women like Tiwa and Sista.

Deyemi Okolawon is building his portfolio slowly and when we mention blockbusters in Nigeria we will mention Deyemi at least thrice. He played the role of Fola, who was not only selfish, but also insensitive to Sista’s emotions. How do you leave your 8 month old pregnant girlfriend and a two-year-old for 19 years and expect them to take you back without hassle?  

The storytelling in this beautiful piece of art is so compelling that you imagine yourself as a character. If you were expecting the regular predictable Nollywood movie, this is way beyond expectation and we are glad to see the growth in Nollywood. 

If you need a movie to give your tear glands some exercise, Sista, the movie, is an interesting watch, get your tissues and your popcorn and be ready to be blown away.