Uber’s new logo looks just like ours. We’re a little flattered

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The new Uber logo looks just like the Anakle logo

Last night, global transportation and logistics technology giant, Uber, announced a new brand image, and the technology press is aflame as expected. In the few years it’s existed, Uber has grown so fast, and broken so many things, it’s become the definition of what a unicorn startup should be.

Everything about Uber was great, except the logo. That logo was less than complimentary! We’re glad the team at Uber took notice and decided to do some work on it, led by CEO, Travis Kalanick. The new brand is quite refreshing, although admittedly would take some getting used to.

We love that Uber’s CEO personally oversaw the company’s rebrand, but we couldn’t help noticing how their process was similar to ours. When we first read the Verge’s account of the rebrand, it sounded something like our own quiet rebrand – overseen by our CEO, Editi Effiong, who is actually a designer.

The new Uber logo looks just like the Anakle logo
At the core of Uber, is Anakle?

A second look at Uber’s brand page caused a double take – “the idea at the core of who we are” is almost exactly how we described our new brand (quietly introduced in December 2015). Because we also changed offices as we rebranded, Editi often mentioned that we’re building a space and identity which is a reflection of who we are as a team, and our culture.

Hey Uber?

Then there’s Uber’s new logo. Brilliant in it’s simplicity. Bold, colourful, bold again. And colourful. The new colourful theme is just beautiful and allows the company brand itself relative to where it finds itself. A refreshingly beautiful concept. And original too…


Really close…


Ok Uber, that’s really close.

The logo does look a little like ours. Actually, a lot like ours. And the colours to. We feel compelled to mention we introduced our new branding in December 2015, just so everyone is clear. In the timeless words of the legendary Ray J (wink emoji), we released our logo first. It’s flattering. And flattering. And we’re forced to ask, if Mr Kalanick couldn’t have just asked if he wanted to copy ours.

We could totally send our brand bible over, if last minute confidence checks are needed.

The new Uber logo looks just like the Anakle logo
Hey Uber, you may want to check this out too 😉

Again, we’re flattered.

And glad that we didn’t indent our “E” as we had done in some of the design samples. That would have been too weird.

Jokes apart, we love what Uber represents as a technology startup and wish Travis and his team even more growth in 2016. You can borrow our logo for as long as you want.