Corona Virus and Remote Work

If there is one thing we are all learning from the Corona Virus pandemic is that life can happen in an instant and we need to be prepared and adjust accordingly. While many organisations have implored their staff to stay home and work from home, some...


8 Email Writing Hacks That Work

Writing emails are a major form of communication in the business world. It’s the business world’s version of chatting or sliding into someone’s DM. So you want to get it right, don’t you? Well, here are a few tips to help improve your email writing...

Public Service Communication - ORM best practices for managers and agencies

Public Service Communication Series PART I: Social media for public service communication

“Be warned. Am I your father’s mate?” When General Chris Olukolade, the former spokesperson of the Nigerian military, joined Twitter, the general consensus was that it was a great development. At the time, the country was going through the worst internal armed conflict since the civil...