Coca-Cola’s Masterpiece AD Awakens the Magic Within Us

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Coca-Cola dropped a beautiful ad, aptly titled “Masterpiece”, a few months ago and no matter how many times we’ve watched it, it never fails to leave us feeling refreshed. The film shows us how real magic is inside all of us and how, sometimes, all we need is a little boost to move us from imagination to creation. 

Coca-Cola’s Masterpiece AD


Coca-Cola is no stranger to crafting top-notch ads. They have a knack for infusing positivity, joy, and a touch of nostalgia into their campaigns, leaving us with that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. From tiny magical creatures making your coke, to showing us the magic in believing, it’s like when you crack open a bottle of Coca-Cola, everything in you and around you comes alive. 


​​In the Masterpiece ad we see a young boy sitting in an art gallery surrounded by timeless masterpieces. However, despite his surroundings, he’s finding it difficult to create his own art.  


But then, like a stroke of magic, one of the artworks bursts to life. Reaching out with a hand that emerges from its frame, it grabs the bottle of Coca-Cola from Andy Warhol’s iconic 1962 painting, “Large Coca-Cola”, passing the bottle to its companions. The other paintings join forces in a display of unity and support and the entire collection comes alive, working to bring the bottle closer to the boy. It feels like the whole universe is working together to pull him out of his creative slump.


At first thought, what comes to mind is the Night at the Museum movie (2006) starring Ben Stiller. But instead of spooky and funny, we get warm and inspiring. The AD reminds us that just like the boy, real magic lies within all of us. 


What truly makes this ad a work of art is its seamless integration of the different art forms in the gallery. From graffiti-style paints to watercolors to oil paintings, the bottle of coke takes the form of the artwork camouflaging it from the rest of the world. The transition from old art to more modern artwork also shows how Coca-Cola has been part of our lives for over a long, long time.


Hats off to the team at Coca-Cola who employed a mix of live action shots, digital effects, and AI to deliver this amazing commercial. 


Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the brilliant minds behind the artworks displayed in the ad. Coca-Cola featured a diverse array of artists, ranging from the renowned art masters to modern visionaries. See the full list below:


Divine Idyll  –  Aket, 2022

Large Coca-Cola  –  Andy Warhol, 1962

The Shipwreck  –  Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1805

Falling in Library  –  Vikram Kushwah, 2012

The Blow Dryer  –  Fatma Ramadan, 2021

Scream  –  Munch, Edvard, 1895

You Can’t Curse Me  –  Wonder Buhle, 2022

The Bedroom (Bedroom in Arles)  –  Vincent van Gogh, 1889

Artemision Bronze  –  Unknown (Greek), 460 BC

Natural Encounters  –  Stefania Tejada, 2020

Drum Bridge and Setting Sun Hill  –  Hiroshige, 1857

Girl with a Pearl Earring  –  Johannes Vermeer, 1665


Coca-Cola’s “Masterpiece” ad embodies the essence of their ongoing “Real Magic” campaign. It’s a reminder that within all of us lies the power to create something extraordinary, and with just a little bit of magic, our imaginations can shine brightly for the world to see.


Tell us, what did you think of the Coca-Cola’s Masterpiece ad and what does real magic mean to you?