Apple Previews its First ‘Vision Pro’ AR Headset, and its Huge Price Tag

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A black woman wearing the Vision Pro headset

Apple has launched us into a new era as they make a significant announcement revealing its long-awaited AR glasses, named Vision Pro. Picture a pair of ski glasses or a kind of glasses astronauts wear but fancier. The revolutionary computer blends digital content with the physical world, while allowing users to stay connected and present. 

These new AR glasses take the term virtual reality more than a step further.

For augmented reality content that does not make your surroundings disappear, Apple uses cameras that map out what is in front of you, translating that into a digital image augmented by virtual elements. For a virtual reality experience, Apple shuts off those cameras and can make it seem like you are completely isolated from where you are physically, allowing you to focus on what is displayed on the screens of the headset. 

So many iOS fans have wondered what this is for and if there’s really a need for this, there is not a huge existing market for mixed reality devices, the available ones are not easy to use and one thing we know about Apple is “user friendly” product and they decided to leverage that. 

The features of the Vision Pro AR Headset include:

  1. 4k Micro OLED displays with 23 million pixels combined 
  2. Eye and gesture tracking for navigation and control
  3. More than a dozen cameras
  4. 3D photo and video capture
  5. Built-in spatial audio 
  6. Optic ID iris scanning 
  7. visionOS operating system
  8. External Battery with 2hr battery life

These glasses mark Apple’s entry into the realm of mixed reality and offer various potential applications. However, with a price tag of $3,499, set to launch early next year, Apple seems to have missed the mark in terms of affordability. It appears that Apple still needs to work on finding the right balance in terms of unit pricing.