Tayo Aina Gives Us a 24-hour Glimpse Into The Life of Davido

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Davido and Tayo Aina taking a selfie in front of a private jet.

Nigerians got to see behind-the-scenes in a new documentary-style video by Nigerian YouTuber, traveler and content creator, Tayo Aina. In this video, Tayo masterfully captures the essence of Davido’s whirlwind lifestyle, showcasing the glamor and challenges of being one of Africa’s biggest music stars.

Throughout the documentary, Davido’s charismatic personality shines. He shares how he loves making people happy and comfortable, which was evident in how he treated Tayo during their time together. Davido continuously acknowledged Tayo, and watching this was very wholesome. It seemed to make Tayo feel more comfortable and included in the group. 

The documentary delves into Davido’s journey in the music industry, and the clips remind us of the incredible progress he has made since his “Back When” debut at just 17 years old. Now, 12 years later, his recent album, “Timeless”, broke the record for the biggest first-day streams for an African album. Davido, in the video, says that his journey is far from over and the future holds even more exciting plans for him.

One aspect of the documentary that goes unnoticed is the loyalty of his 30BG crew, who have been riding with him for years and still continue to support him. What stands out even more is his relationship with them, despite his position as their boss. It is clear that they respect one another while still maintaining a solid friendship.

Despite his status, Davido somehow remains grounded; his humility shines through in every moment. However, he also possesses an undeniable confidence that honestly comes from knowing himself and his worth. While the documentary runs for over 40 minutes, it is still an enjoyable watch from start to finish because Davido has a very good sense of humor that adds a refreshing and entertaining element to the video.

Another insightful part of this documentary was Davido’s love and appreciation for his fans. He actively takes part in the strategic planning of the content that goes on his social media as well as his shows – making the effort to learn certain dances to ensure the show is an unforgettable experience. 

The documentary serves as a testament to Tayo’s talent for capturing the essence of his subjects and delivering an immersive experience for viewers, as well as Davido’s passion and dedication to his craft. The documentary has generated significant buzz on social media platforms, with fans expressing their awe and appreciation for Tayo’s masterful storytelling and Davido’s compelling presence.