Engaging the Right Audience

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enegaging the right audience | anakle

Why exactly are you online? Why are you spending all that time, money and effort running a digital marketing campaign? You want to get attention, create conversations, engage and ultimately generate leads, right? Right. But are you targeting the right audience?

One challenge most digital media marketers face is finding and engaging the TA (Target Audience). It is multi-pronged though. That is, one could be running a brilliant campaign, but targeting the wrong audience. One could find the right audience and be unable to target them right. The skill is to find the right audience and master ways to make your product appealing to them. It really serves no purpose to get attention but not get engagement.

When writing your very first business plan, there is a section dedicated to competition analysis and target market. The same thing should be done for digital marketing. You have to know your TA; how they interact, where they interact, how often they are there, where their friends are, the time they come there, how they love, what they love, what is acceptable, what is needed, what is irrelevant, how they respond to your competitors and why they do.

You basically need to understand how your TA consumes data online.

No doubt, having good content is very important, but having valuable engagement through content is even better.

On Facebook for example, ā€˜Likesā€™ campaigns are popular and easily achievable, but having your content Shared indicates a more successful campaign. It shows engagement, amplification and increased reach, which essentially generate more visibility and value for your brand.

Now, low engagement does not necessarily mean your content is bad, it simply means that you need to change your approach, change your strategy and re-target to specific audience in various digital platforms.

So to successfully locate and engage your target audience:

  1. Analyze your existing audience with various tools; observe how they are engaging and how you can improve.
  2. Create or refocus campaigns to appeal to existing audience.
  3. Re-target to increase conversion rates.
  4. Engage, your TA and educate them through content that is fresh, creative and relevant.
  5. Track and compare your campaign metrics across various platforms.

So whatā€™s the recipe for engaging the right audience?

Target Audienceā€¦Check

Campaign budgetā€¦Check

Mind-blowing but relevant campaignā€¦Check

Engaging contentā€¦Check

Anakle expertise ā€¦Definitely Check.