Gain First-Hand Digital Marketing Experience at the Forward by Anakle Internship 2021

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Getting into the field of digital marketing can be difficult, especially since many positions in this industry require some level of experience. The good news, however, is that no one was born a digital marketing genius. Some of the big names associated with the industry today all started off with some form of mentorship and training. So, if you’re looking to kickstart your career in digital marketing, the Forward by Anakle Internship 2021 is a good place to begin.


The six-month internship programme is designed to give interns a grounded understanding of the industry, providing insights into the different departments that make up a typical creative agency such as Content Development and Marketing, Social Media Management, Ads and Online Campaign Management, Creative Design, Digital Strategy, and Client Service and Account Management. The cycle also involves rotation periods where each intern is required to work on different teams with experts specialised in these aspects of Digital Marketing. This allows the interns to discover their interests and choose their specialisation with a clear direction of the road ahead.


Last year, the class of 2019 recorded tremendous success, graduating over 15 interns, some of whom were retained into full-time employment with Anakle and are currently making massive impact in the company:

“The Forward by Anakle Internship program was definitely an interesting six months of my life. It was educative, fun and sometimes taxing, but I would not trade the hours spent in brainstorming sessions for anything in the world. Prior to working at Anakle, I thought I knew so much about digital marketing, but the internship gave me an education! Nothing beats working in an environment where people are willing to teach and support you on your career journey.”

– Julius Omunizua, Brand Strategist

“One of the most rewarding career decisions I made in 2019 was enrolling in the Forward by Anakle Internship. The unconventional structure of the program ensures that you are working real-time on some of the biggest brands in and out of Africa. It doesn’t get better than this elsewhere.”

– Otiga Alih, Sales and Digital Strategist

“The Forward by Anakle Internship program was both interesting and educating for me. I had never had such an experience yet I learnt a lot within the six-month period. I learnt how to speak in public, work in teams and also deliver tasks timely. I was also incentivised by the company with cash rewards when I won the intern of the month award. It remains a very defining experience for me.”

– Henry Opene, Graphics Designer and Artist


Several others have gone on to do incredibly well in other organisations with their Forward by Anakle Internship experience playing a vital role in shaping their career paths:

“One of the things I cherished was the great team environment. I interned as a graphics designer and I was surrounded by smart and motivating colleagues who boosted my confidence in what I do because I always doubted my work. I currently work as an animator and I can proudly say that the Forward by Anakle Internship helped me build my self-confidence.”

– Olatorera Alonge, Animator

“After taking an unusual decision to explore advertising and digital marketing as a career path, I was on the lookout for a program that allowed me to immerse myself in all the moving parts of the industry with experienced hands to offer guidance and mentorship. Forward by Anakle Internship was all that and more with exciting sessions, group tasks, projects and the opportunity to learn across various teams providing so much value.”

– Solomon Nzere, Content Developer and Marketer

In alignment with current realities of work, we have adapted the Forward by Anakle Internship to include both onsite onboarding sessions and remote work protocols with strong collaboration measures in place for the next batch of interns. Do you think this is for you? Then, we would love to have you in the Forward by Anakle Internship 2021 programme. To apply, visit . Deadline is December 14, 2020.