The Woes of Adulthood

CATEGORY: Abstract


There is no greater scam

Than the perplexing phase called



The bright promise of 

A life unattended

Endless soirees and owambes

Lifelong friendships being built

Captivating nights out with the girls

Sweaty Saturdays with the boys

Love discovered at 22 

Empires built at 25

Bank accounts, fat with currencies at 27


Alas, it is all but a juicy tale

As old as the stars that watch intently from the sky

As shocking as the sting from a broken heart


The very concept

Surprises us each day

Challenges our deepest values

Awakens our senses

Deadens our childish inhibitions

Makes us question the very fabric on which our sense of self is built


To survive

We must throw all expectations aside

Abandon the ignorant fantasies that coloured our vision

Embrace that which is our reality

And make the most of what could be

Which is

The most exhilarating and infuriating moments of our time on this freckled earth.


Written by 

Idongesit Inuk